This is why this plant is called the butterfly bush!

One way to de-stress enjoy nature!

Summer in NYC. Indoor and outdoor moments at charity benefit events. This one was for Active Minds a student based organization to support college students mental health awareness. Work life balance at college can be stressful. And this student based organization has done tremendous work on hundreds of college campuses.

St Johns the Divine the most extraordinary cathedral - the unfinished masterpiece and Xu Bing’s Phoenix

Columbia Business School - I see some things have changed in appearance but other things, the basics - aspirations goals and sense of future remain the same.

What’s New?! At Zoomdojo…

We believe if you have one good idea a year, that’s really something.

It took us 18 months to create the Z PortfolioTM and Create Resume tool.

But, this year, we managed in a much shorter period to launch an ezine on wechat.

The Zoomdojo ezine is bilingual, this is at the moment pretty unique so we are told!

And since we began just a couple weeks ago, we have around 300 subscribers.

The ezine is also another partnership effort We have an editorial team of students and young professionals.

The current team includes an editor in charge from the University of Toronto , John Shi , (Big Shoutout to you,John!) and several of his school mates @ UoT and also, students from Peking University, Columbia University and alums from Tsinghua University, Cornell University etc and a growing advisory group of successful ezine pioneers.

We are looking to expand the team to include marketing and pr interns and writers and one member of the team to be located at an office space in Shanghai. SOON!

And so one good idea for the year, check!

Follow us and if you have wechat, subscribe and tell your friends to subscribe as

well please! Thank You!